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How About Approaching Younger Man ?

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How About Approaching Younger Man ?

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Flirt With A Guy Over Text

September 26th, 2014 No comments

How To Flirt With A Guy Over Text

By : Max Kolo

Communication becomes the basic method which people should use for building relationship with other people. For you gals, how to make a guy miss you then ? Women surely have to understand the perfect communication technique if they want to flirt with a guy. Nowadays, modern people will use cellphone a lot for their communication support and of course the communication method offered by cellphone can be used for flirting with a guy. Women can flirt with a guy over text but there are some important steps which should be understood for ensuring that they can flirt smoothly. By applying the right technique, women can make the guy finally text them and make them more interested.

The technique to flirt with a guy over text can be started right after he text women after the date. Women can tell him her favorite part of the date. It will show him the vulnerability which can be set up at the next time they meet again. The favorite part of the date can be the time when he put his arms around her shoulder during the movie for instance. Women must not forget to use exclamation points as well as emoticons for helping them convey the right emotion. It is necessary because texting will miss the face expression point which can be found when they meet face to face. By using emotional cues in the text, he will think that women are really interested in him since the text message is not flat which can show the enjoyment talking to him through the text. Teasing him will be another great way to flirt guy over text. Women can be over excited or even desperate when texting with a guy. It is important for playing it cool. There is no need to be over excited or desperate which can mean that no sending two text messages in a row without waiting for response from him. It can make him think that the women are easy so he will get bored or lose interest quickly.

It is necessary for women to be more comfortable with the text which is sent. Sexting should be avoided in this process although it can be fun because he might show the text message to his friends. It is better not to send sexy message because it can be used as blackmail if the relationship goes bad. Women can also try to experiment to flirt with a guy over text. One day they can send aggressive text and next day they can send playful text. It will be great for making him guessing.

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Flirt Guy Over Text

August 25th, 2014 No comments

How Does A Lady Flirt Guy Over Text

By : Max Kolo

Nowadays, people are living in digital era with so many technology supports used including for communication support. People do not need to meet face to face when they want to talk to other people. They can talk instantly to other people through voice or text using the mobile phone which becomes common belonging and daily technology support for modern people. There was a time when people should understand the direct communication technique for specific purpose such as flirting. Nowadays, of course people should know the best way to flirt over text. There is no question that a lady should also know the best way to flirt guy over text so she can build expected relationship with her guy. Flirting with guy over text will be necessary not only for getting his attention so he will see her as potential partner but it can also be important part for adding more spice in a relationship. This is one of the ways on how to make a guy miss you, and also to get the love signs from a man.

A lady surely has to know the most effective way to flirt guy over text especially if she wants to find her prince of charming in this digital era. There is no way she can find the prince of charming in this digital era by singing or sleeping just like in the fairytale story. The main reason for a lady flirt with a guy over the text is for making him interested in her. Although she wants to raise his interest, she will do it without revealing all. She has to be subtle by sending text which shows him fun but naughty part of her without being too outrageous. The text must be tasteful and restrained because it is possible that he will share the text with his friends. A lady should also send text which can arouse his interest. She can focus on the way for stirring up his romantic interest such as by giving him quick incidental glimpse of her thighs and going back to normal conversation.

In how to flirt guy over text  method, it is better to be moderate by not sending several flirty texts throughout the day because it can be overwhelming and become bother for him instead of pleasure. It is also necessary to create the text which is memorable. It will involve the creativity of course so a lady can send the text which can hit his mental sport for being memorable. That is why a lady should know the clue about things appreciated by guy for avoiding memorably negative effect. She can raise creativity for banters or humorous saying using magazine, book, or internet.

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How To Flirt With A Guy Over Text

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How To Flirt With A Guy Over Text  With Four Effective Steps

By : Max Kolo

How to flirt with a guy over text with effective steps? You don’t need to worry when you love someone, and you want to show that you love him. In these modern times, there are some ways that you can do to attract someone whom you love. You can do simple steps by sending text or message to him, and you can make him want to close to you too. Or, at least, you may have love signs from a man!  When you want to send text, you must be careful on each word that you write. If you still feel confused with what you must do, you can do four effective steps here and then get his heart for you. Continue reading this article, and you will see that this is one of the nice ways on how to make a guy miss you!

First step on how to flirt with a guy over text is by sending text to him firstly. You should not wait until he says “hi” to you first. You can start conversation first. Some men feel nervous to start conversation firstly. That is why you better start first when you really want to close to him. You can also write other words such as asking about homework, his activities, and some other things. It helps you and him to have good conversation.

Second, when you send text to him, you must use smiley face to show your face expression or your feeling. You can use smiley faces because you can show your personality. You can show that you are mysterious or cheerful from the smiley face or emoticon.  An emoticon will help you to clarify intention too when you text him. It helps you to avoid misunderstand.

Third, you must ask questions to him rather than telling him about all things that you like. All men will like to tell what he likes, his hobby, his activities and some other questions. It helps you to have warm communication and conversation with him. You can also ask about his favorite movies so you can invite him to watch movies with you. You can also ask about his favorite book and invite him to go to a bookstore with you.

The last step on how to flirt with a guy over text is by giving fast respond when he sends text to you. You should not make he wait too long time because he will feel so bad with you. You must avoid sending one-word  text only to him. He will think that you are not serious, and you have other activities when you text him.  You can also find some other ways in some sites, and you will be able to attract him via text.


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Flirts For Guys

December 12th, 2013 No comments

Tips To Flirts For Guys

By : Max Kolo

flirts for guys

flirts for guys

Chasing a woman is a little tricky. It seems that buying her a cup of coffee is not enough to get her attention. So, what you have to do to attract your beloved woman. This article will explain about flirts for guys. Hopefully, after reading the article about how to make a guy miss you, you can get your beloved woman, and you can continue into the serious relationship.

Just Makes Your Beloved Woman Happy

If we talk about the way to flirts for guys, it means you should say something, which makes the woman happy. For example, you can compare her with the famous or best artwork. You can praise the part of her body such as her long hair, eyes, mouth, skin, and many more with the beautiful artworks you know. At least, you can just show a little that you also know about artwork. It makes you look clever in front of her. It will be effective flirts for guys to do.

Just Show Your Attention to Her

One more trick of  flirting a girl is showing your feeling non verbally. One of the simple flirts for guys to do is by giving her your provocative glance. Of course, you have to be careful with your provocative glance otherwise she will be angry and even leave you. Just show your soft feeling and don’t over acting in front of her. Some women love to see or hear something new. It seems that she finally found someone different than another guy she knows before. For that reason, one trick of flirting is giving an original or new compliment. For instance, you can try to predict about her perfume. Moreover, you can also give a comment on her outfit and appearance. Don’t forget to remember her detail because it is one of effective flirts for guys. In this case, you have to take a note about what she wearing including shoes, earring, clothes, and many more. This is also useful if you have a plan to give her a special gift. At least, you know what she loves and what she doesn’t. It is true that asking about her  thing is considered as one of the flirting a woman. However, you don’t have to force her if she doesn’t want to give it to you. Let say, you want to ask about her phone number as one of the ways of flirting you want to practice. On the other hand, she doesn’t want to give it. Commonly, she wants to do everything slowly. You have to remember that the part of flirts for guys is giving a room to breathe for the woman. As reference, you shall also read my post about  how to get rid of love handles for men.

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How To Impress A Guy

September 25th, 2013 No comments

How To Impress A Guy And Get Rid Of Your Single Status

By : Max Kolo

how to impress a guy

how to impress a guy

Have you ever feel jealous seeing a couple walking together, or hugging or kissing? Well, if you’ve been single for so long, it’s normal that you’re longing for that kind of affection. You miss it badly, but you almost can’t do anything about it.

Maybe you’re thinking why the guy you had date out with didn’t call you again for the second date. And then you started to think is this about how to impress a guy. And it’s actually not that hard. You just have to learn more about them, and enhance your certain personality that will attract a guy.

Be Yourself

The most important thing you should remember on how to make a guy miss you is that you have to be yourself 100%. What’s the point on attracting someone if you have to pretend that you’re someone else the whole time when you’re with him? And the irony is, the one that he loves is not you, but the one you pretend to be.

So, first is, you have to learn to listen. If the guy you’re on date with is not very talkative, try to ask questions. Don’t try boring questions like what his job like, it’s definitely not on a list on how to impress a guy. But if you manage to know that his job is somewhat interesting, then dig it out. Show that you are interested in him but not too nosy. You should know the boundaries.

Find Something in Common

Second way on how to make a guy miss you is to find something you two have in common. This probably won’t be easy, especially if you’re the choosey type with unusual hobby and interest, but nothing is impossible. And this is not only a way on how to impress a guy, but this method can also be the silver lining to you. If after some time trying, you still can’t find anything that you two have in common and you think it’s not enjoyable to talk with him, then maybe he’s just not the one for you.

So, yes, it’s not only about how to impress a guy, but how to find someone who is also attracted to you. If it’s only you trying to get to him and he looks like he’s avoiding you, don’t bother to have a second date, go find someone else who knows your worth.

But you have to keep in mind, that first date probably won’t show the real him, I mean, you get nervous on the first date, don’t you? Maybe he too gets nervous. Keep this fact in your mind, so you can judge him and the situation better.

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How To Get My Ex Boyfriend Back

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Methods In How To Get My Ex Boyfriend Back: Is It Worth It?

By : Max Kolo

how to get my ex boyfriend back

how to get my ex boyfriend back

In any relationship, there will be many fights and arguments occurred right? Those problems sometimes make the relationship end. For example , you may be missing your ex and ask yourself : how to get a guy back ? If you consider that you want to get your ex back, you should know how to conduct proper methods. Before you apply any methods to get your boyfriend back, you need to understand first about your intention. It means that you should always ask yourself whether this decision is worth it or not. If you consider that your man has significant contribution to make your life happier, you should have no doubt to look for methods about how to get my ex boyfriend back.

The Methods

First method in how to get my ex boyfriend back is by conducting discussion with him why both of you broke up in the first place. If both of you find out the reason in breaking up is silly, there will be bigger chance for you to recover the relationship actually. Second method to regain your ex boyfriend is by becoming certain person who he loves the most. Just find out what kind of woman or girl which he really loves the most, It means you need to fix your bad habits which often make him turned down. You should also shows positive behavior in front of him. Just show your smile and laughter to make him convenient around you.

Third method in how to get my ex boyfriend back is by preparing first words which you are going to use to contact your ex. It is very important because if you choose the wrong words, it may lead to rejection even before you apply any other strategies to get him back. After getting his approval in meeting with him, you need to wear any clothes, accessories, or others which you often wear in the past when dating with him. Those things may trigger his beautiful memories spent with you. Cherishing good memories indeed may bring the feelings back.

Next method is by monitoring his responses. The purpose is to find out whether he still cares with you or not. Just make sure that he shows positive and kind behaviors. If he shows negative responses, it means that you need to stop trying to get him and wasting time. Next method is by making him realized that you have been thinking about him lately. Your feeling for him indeed may lead into positive response indeed. Another method is in how you take care of your appearance. Don’t ever make him disappointed in meeting you because of your bad make up or appearance right? Now, you have great idea on how to make a guy miss you, right ?

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How To Get A Guy Back

June 25th, 2013 No comments

Things You Should Do On How To Get A Guy Back

By : Max Kolo

how to get a guy back

how to get a guy back

One of the hardest parts of relationship is break up. Break up could happen due to various issues. Some women might move on and find another guy once they are break up with their previous partner. However, other women who are in a relationship for long might not forget their partner easily and try to find out how to get a guy back to a relationship. The problem is that not all women who want their partner back know about what they should do. Some women even try to get their guy back in wrong ways. Instead of they get their partner back, they just make the situation becomes more complicated and lessen their chance to get the guy back. This article will give you a closer look on how to get him back and suggest you several useful tips so that you could get everything done in the right ways.

Getting Your Guy back

The first thing that you should do if you want to get your guy back is becoming his friends. In the first week of your break up, you might want to spend your time alone and think about your mistake. However, once you’re done with yourself, you need to start to create the new way to your guy by becoming his friend. Don’t get to close to him but don’t ignore him as well. By becoming his friend, you could show him that you still want him without being too obvious. The most important thing to remember by you is that don’t let yourself trap in a friend zone in this phase. You also need to remember that guys love a challenge. So no matter how bad you want your guy back, don’t be too aggressive and play hard to get to make sure that he’s interested in you. Other important thing to do in how to win someone back is sending him the right signs. Your gesture, voice and the words that you use while you’re talking to him will show him that you want him back. Make sure you give the right signs to him.

Useful Tips

There are also several useful tips about how to get a guy back  effectively.  First you need to be yourself. Improving your personality into a better person is important but don’t be someone else. You also don’t have to listen to what others said about you and your intention. Other important thing to remember is that don’t give too much attention to him. Texting him too much will bother him and make him leave you instead. Being too needy is also a false move. Act natural and remember not to repeat your past mistakes. Following these steps and tips will assure you to get him back effectively.

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Get Well Gifts For Men

May 25th, 2013 No comments

How To Get Well Gifts For Men : The Tips

By : Max Kolo

get well gifts for men

get well gifts for men

What are actually the well gifts for men?

Being sick and hospitalized indeed may become a trouble for any people. If you have close man who is being hospitalized, you should know how to cherish him in dealing with any medication and treatment on such hospital. One of good efforts is trying to get well gifts for men. What are well gifts actually? Those are things which you buy as presents for the sick person. By receiving a gift, the sick person will be happy and can deal with health problem better. Yet, there are people who still have difficulty in how to properly provide get well gift for sick person.

Tips To Get Well Gifts for Men

In order to provide get well gift properly, there are some tips that you can use. First tip is to determine the product which you may use as gift. The options vary indeed. You should determine based on patient’s preference actually. If you know the person better will be good because you can provide him with best option of product. There are some examples of the idea on how to get well gifts for men which you can use such as happy light soothing, unscented shea butter healing lotion, bamboo facial towels, natural sleep balms, stainless steel manicure gift set, cotton handkerchief, after surgery plush roll pillow, and others.

Second tip that you can use to get well gifts for men is by understanding the condition of the patient. The option of products you want to provide for the patient should be suited with the condition of the patient actually. If the patient only suffers from mild illness, you can provide him with various products including herbal tea, goodies, and any similar products in order to relieve his illness in comfort way. If the patient suffers from severe illness, you can buy him inspirational books which can lift his spirit to recover from his illness.

After you decide what kind of product to provide, you should also inspect about the price. To make your purchasing cheaper, you can choose to buy certain gift basket which may cost you better price. Well, another tip is about how to make such get well gift memorable. What you can do is by including get well gift message idea. The messages you provide may depend on your preferences actually. You can enhance your creativity as well in including to get well gift message to make it unique. Just remember, your purpose is to make the patient can deal with his illness better and in more comfortable way.

By the way, now you have a great idea on how to make a guy miss you , right ? Come on gals, catch him and keep him , right now !

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Catch Him And Keep Him

April 24th, 2013 No comments

The  Best Trick : How To Catch Him And Keep Him

By : Max Kolo

catch him and keep him

catch him and keep him

All the ways how to catch him and keep him

Are you ever feel that your man change recently? Or are you feel that your relationship getting fed? Or the worst are you feel that your communications with your couple becoming increasingly rare?

When it arrived in the mid of a relationship or a relationship that has been running for a long time a lot of women who are frustrated after learned about the fact that they have the wrong partner, they either choose their men. Men have many reasons to be with a woman. Why the most is correct when men in a relationship with a woman on the basis of love.

Christian carter already write on his book catch him and keep him that contain information about how many men’s minds are and what attract women to men. You should read this eBook if you want to get better man or just to know the way to maintain your relationship

Wombs catch him and keep him

Through eBook how to catch and keep him  , the women will be able to tell which men are attracted to her because her face alone or more than that. It will help women find the right man for her. Even there are ways on how to make a guy miss you. You will know whether your man just look your physical appearance only or deeper than it.

Catch him and keep him also discusses ways to handle dating and what to do during a date. The ways on how to catch and keep him  gives you a view of men who deserve to you, how to choose the man most appropriate for you that can make you comfortable and happy. It shares knowledge about men that you should avoid like the men are cool or boy torturing your inner potential.

If you’re having problems in your relationship, catch  and keep him also about providing helpful tips about how to improve your relationship and your partner and have peace in touch. Many knowledge will you get by reading these great tips on how to catch him and keep him. Therefore it’s a shame to miss out on. Anyway, for your reference , you may read my post black women dating white men.

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