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Flirt With A Guy Over Text

September 26th, 2014 No comments

How To Flirt With A Guy Over Text

By : Max Kolo

Communication becomes the basic method which people should use for building relationship with other people. For you gals, how to make a guy miss you then ? Women surely have to understand the perfect communication technique if they want to flirt with a guy. Nowadays, modern people will use cellphone a lot for their communication support and of course the communication method offered by cellphone can be used for flirting with a guy. Women can flirt with a guy over text but there are some important steps which should be understood for ensuring that they can flirt smoothly. By applying the right technique, women can make the guy finally text them and make them more interested.

The technique to flirt with a guy over text can be started right after he text women after the date. Women can tell him her favorite part of the date. It will show him the vulnerability which can be set up at the next time they meet again. The favorite part of the date can be the time when he put his arms around her shoulder during the movie for instance. Women must not forget to use exclamation points as well as emoticons for helping them convey the right emotion. It is necessary because texting will miss the face expression point which can be found when they meet face to face. By using emotional cues in the text, he will think that women are really interested in him since the text message is not flat which can show the enjoyment talking to him through the text. Teasing him will be another great way to flirt guy over text. Women can be over excited or even desperate when texting with a guy. It is important for playing it cool. There is no need to be over excited or desperate which can mean that no sending two text messages in a row without waiting for response from him. It can make him think that the women are easy so he will get bored or lose interest quickly.

It is necessary for women to be more comfortable with the text which is sent. Sexting should be avoided in this process although it can be fun because he might show the text message to his friends. It is better not to send sexy message because it can be used as blackmail if the relationship goes bad. Women can also try to experiment to flirt with a guy over text. One day they can send aggressive text and next day they can send playful text. It will be great for making him guessing.

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