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Flirt Guy Over Text

August 25th, 2014 No comments

How Does A Lady Flirt Guy Over Text

By : Max Kolo

Nowadays, people are living in digital era with so many technology supports used including for communication support. People do not need to meet face to face when they want to talk to other people. They can talk instantly to other people through voice or text using the mobile phone which becomes common belonging and daily technology support for modern people. There was a time when people should understand the direct communication technique for specific purpose such as flirting. Nowadays, of course people should know the best way to flirt over text. There is no question that a lady should also know the best way to flirt guy over text so she can build expected relationship with her guy. Flirting with guy over text will be necessary not only for getting his attention so he will see her as potential partner but it can also be important part for adding more spice in a relationship. This is one of the ways on how to make a guy miss you, and also to get the love signs from a man.

A lady surely has to know the most effective way to flirt guy over text especially if she wants to find her prince of charming in this digital era. There is no way she can find the prince of charming in this digital era by singing or sleeping just like in the fairytale story. The main reason for a lady flirt with a guy over the text is for making him interested in her. Although she wants to raise his interest, she will do it without revealing all. She has to be subtle by sending text which shows him fun but naughty part of her without being too outrageous. The text must be tasteful and restrained because it is possible that he will share the text with his friends. A lady should also send text which can arouse his interest. She can focus on the way for stirring up his romantic interest such as by giving him quick incidental glimpse of her thighs and going back to normal conversation.

In how to flirt guy over text  method, it is better to be moderate by not sending several flirty texts throughout the day because it can be overwhelming and become bother for him instead of pleasure. It is also necessary to create the text which is memorable. It will involve the creativity of course so a lady can send the text which can hit his mental sport for being memorable. That is why a lady should know the clue about things appreciated by guy for avoiding memorably negative effect. She can raise creativity for banters or humorous saying using magazine, book, or internet.

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