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Flirts For Guys

December 12th, 2013 No comments

Tips To Flirts For Guys

By : Max Kolo

flirts for guys

flirts for guys

Chasing a woman is a little tricky. It seems that buying her a cup of coffee is not enough to get her attention. So, what you have to do to attract your beloved woman. This article will explain about flirts for guys. Hopefully, after reading the article about how to make a guy miss you, you can get your beloved woman, and you can continue into the serious relationship.

Just Makes Your Beloved Woman Happy

If we talk about the way to flirts for guys, it means you should say something, which makes the woman happy. For example, you can compare her with the famous or best artwork. You can praise the part of her body such as her long hair, eyes, mouth, skin, and many more with the beautiful artworks you know. At least, you can just show a little that you also know about artwork. It makes you look clever in front of her. It will be effective flirts for guys to do.

Just Show Your Attention to Her

One more trick of  flirting a girl is showing your feeling non verbally. One of the simple flirts for guys to do is by giving her your provocative glance. Of course, you have to be careful with your provocative glance otherwise she will be angry and even leave you. Just show your soft feeling and don’t over acting in front of her. Some women love to see or hear something new. It seems that she finally found someone different than another guy she knows before. For that reason, one trick of flirting is giving an original or new compliment. For instance, you can try to predict about her perfume. Moreover, you can also give a comment on her outfit and appearance. Don’t forget to remember her detail because it is one of effective flirts for guys. In this case, you have to take a note about what she wearing including shoes, earring, clothes, and many more. This is also useful if you have a plan to give her a special gift. At least, you know what she loves and what she doesn’t. It is true that asking about her  thing is considered as one of the flirting a woman. However, you don’t have to force her if she doesn’t want to give it to you. Let say, you want to ask about her phone number as one of the ways of flirting you want to practice. On the other hand, she doesn’t want to give it. Commonly, she wants to do everything slowly. You have to remember that the part of flirts for guys is giving a room to breathe for the woman. As reference, you shall also read my post about  how to get rid of love handles for men.

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