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Ways Of Flirting With A Guy

November 26th, 2013 No comments

Applying Tricks In Ways Of Flirting With A Guy

By : Max Kolo

ways of flirting with a guy

ways of flirting with a guy

When you do have a rush on a guy, you might want to flirt a little. Well, there are a lot of ways of flirting with a guy, but you will want o make sure that you don’t make yourself look silly and cheap. Yes, you need to be careful because if you’re not, you’ll make your chance to get closer more difficult to be acquired. However, don’t be afraid to take the first step in how to make a guy miss you because the first step will be important for you and the guy you like.

Showing Interest and Start to Make a Move

The first thing that you need to do in ways of flirting with a guy is to show him that you are interested in him. You can start with making an eye contact and smile at him. And then you can try to make a subtle move such as passing on his desk. However, remember not to overdo it. When you like a guy, there is nothing wrong with making the first move. Certainly, you can wait for him to make a move, but it can be frustration. So, be courageous and take the first move in ways of flirting with a guy. Making the first move make you stand out among other girls.

Starting Interaction Further

You can start ways of flirting with a guy in the more advance level by starting to talk with that guy. You can ask him about the random event or maybe school that picked your interest to him. While talking, don’t forget to smile and laugh along with him. Try to break the touch barrier by touching him a little bit. Maybe you can touch his forearm or shoulder. Maybe you can be brave enough to accidentally lean on him. Again, don’t go overboard in applying these tricks as the parts of ways of flirting with a guy.

To be flirting with a guy, you will need to compliment him. Yes, guys also like to be praised or complimented so do compliment them. However, in complimenting, you may need to lean closer and say it in lower tone or make an eye contact while talking. You can go with more specific compliment and don’t forget to smile. The last step in ways of flirting with a guy is to leave him before the guy gets bored with the flirt. Don’t drag a conversation and finish it with an opening for a chance to meet in the near future. Guys will be interested. After that you can think about how to make a guy jealous!

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