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How To Make A Guy Jealous

October 24th, 2013 No comments

Taking Necessary Steps On How To Make A Guy Jealous

By : Max Kolo

how to make a guy jealous

how to make a guy jealous

How to make a guy jealous? You girls know that it is irritating to see how guys can go so easily with other girls while you girls are standing and burning with jealousy. What about a counter attack? Try to make guys feel jealous is something very possible. As what you read in my post how to impress a guy or how to make a guy miss you , there are also good steps in making a guy jealous. What you need to do is to find out how to make a guy jealous and get his attention. But first, there is one important question for you. Are you sure that the guy who wished to be jealous with you has some sort of feeling for you like a crush.

Measurement for the First Step

The first important step in making a guy jealous is to know that a guy is actually interested to you. If he is not interested, then no matter how hard you try, he will never pay attention let alone get jealous. You can try to measure his interest to you secretly or maybe not. If the guy you wished to be jealous is someone you dated, then he will most likely take the bait and be jealous because when he agrees to date you, it means he has interest to you. When this step has been done, it’s time to proceed to the next step of how to make a guy jealous.

Starting the Action to Fish Jealousy

First thing in making a guy jealous is being active. You can do anything you like and get busy. You need to ensure that you have fun in your business and don’t have time for guys. This is something great to make ex boyfriends jealous because you show no sign of depression and continue with your life. The next step you can do to make your guy jealous is by flirting or dating with other guys. You can also choose to hang out with your guy friends and ignore the guy you wished to be jealous.

Doing the step on how to make a guy jealous is necessary but you will also need to remember the limit. Don’t go overboard or completely blow off that guy you wished to be jealous. When this happens, that guy will give up on you and leave. So you really need to remember not to go overboard when applying the steps in how to make a guy jealous. It is something important. You may also need to approach the jealous guy to check on him but don’t be obvious that you’re trying to fish his jealousy.

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