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How To Impress A Guy

September 25th, 2013 No comments

How To Impress A Guy And Get Rid Of Your Single Status

By : Max Kolo

how to impress a guy

how to impress a guy

Have you ever feel jealous seeing a couple walking together, or hugging or kissing? Well, if you’ve been single for so long, it’s normal that you’re longing for that kind of affection. You miss it badly, but you almost can’t do anything about it.

Maybe you’re thinking why the guy you had date out with didn’t call you again for the second date. And then you started to think is this about how to impress a guy. And it’s actually not that hard. You just have to learn more about them, and enhance your certain personality that will attract a guy.

Be Yourself

The most important thing you should remember on how to make a guy miss you is that you have to be yourself 100%. What’s the point on attracting someone if you have to pretend that you’re someone else the whole time when you’re with him? And the irony is, the one that he loves is not you, but the one you pretend to be.

So, first is, you have to learn to listen. If the guy you’re on date with is not very talkative, try to ask questions. Don’t try boring questions like what his job like, it’s definitely not on a list on how to impress a guy. But if you manage to know that his job is somewhat interesting, then dig it out. Show that you are interested in him but not too nosy. You should know the boundaries.

Find Something in Common

Second way on how to make a guy miss you is to find something you two have in common. This probably won’t be easy, especially if you’re the choosey type with unusual hobby and interest, but nothing is impossible. And this is not only a way on how to impress a guy, but this method can also be the silver lining to you. If after some time trying, you still can’t find anything that you two have in common and you think it’s not enjoyable to talk with him, then maybe he’s just not the one for you.

So, yes, it’s not only about how to impress a guy, but how to find someone who is also attracted to you. If it’s only you trying to get to him and he looks like he’s avoiding you, don’t bother to have a second date, go find someone else who knows your worth.

But you have to keep in mind, that first date probably won’t show the real him, I mean, you get nervous on the first date, don’t you? Maybe he too gets nervous. Keep this fact in your mind, so you can judge him and the situation better.

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