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Black Women Dating White Men

March 27th, 2013 No comments

The Reason Why Black Women Dating White Men

By : Max Kolo

black women dating white men

black women dating white men

The history about black women and white men

Black women dating white men have become commonplace now. If it happened a few years ago, it will be many people who insulted it. Black race especially black women are very low in view of the white men. They deserve just as slaves. But times are rolling. Racial abomination that makes white racial attitudes become cruel to the black race is over. Unity and racial equality is more common when you can find the free black women waiting for white men in cafes or on the road.

Black women dating white men because they are generally liked the character of friendly white men. White men are more physically attractive in because of its hospitality. While black men are often associated as male perpetrators of violence. It became one of reason the choice of these black women to date white men rather than black men.

The facts about white men

There are various reasons why they prefer to date the white guys. White men generally like all things that exist in black women ranging from hair, skin up to her eyes. It makes black women feel more honored and respected. White men always praise all things for black women to be the main reason why it is favorite for black women to have close relationship with white men.

Otherwise it’s another reason why black women dating white men because white men are men who care. Happy white men take care of women and therefore women, especially black women to feel comfortable in his side.

White men never try to be someone else. They have always been proud of the uniqueness and identity. Do not like black men often learn to rap music because the majority of black men like rap music.

Last reason of the question: Black women like to be close with white guys, it is because white men are always listening. White men have a tendency to listen to any problems and grievances of the black men partner.

For you gals, the main question now is : how do you get a guy to like you  ? Or how to make a guy miss you? And for you guys , at least, of some of the above reasons you surely know the reason why black women dating white men and do not have to wonder anymore about their choice.

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