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How Do You Get A Guy To Like You

February 25th, 2013 No comments

How Do You Get A Guy To Like You: Learning The Tips And Tricks

By : Max Kolo

how do you get a guy to like you

how do you get a guy to like you

When you have this crush on this particular guy, but you don’t really know whether he likes you back or not, then it is time to find out and apply the methods of how do you get a guy to like you. There are actually simple and easy ways to do this trick without doing it too much. Like what you get in my post about  how to get a guy to ask you out,  you can still play the game elegantly and in classical manner, so no one will suspect of you trying too hard.

Be and Like Yourself

The first thing you have to do in learning how do you get a guy to like you is to be yourself and really like yourself. How can you possibly expect a guy to like you if you don’t like or respect yourself? If you aren’t confident about who you really are, how can you exude such aura and charm toward the guy you like? That’s why it is important to develop good confidence level so you won’t underestimate yourself. Developing the right proportion of self confidence isn’t about having too much; just enough so you can see the good values of yourself and refuse yourself to be disrespected – by anyone.

Develop Your Humor

Whenever you think how to make a guy miss you, remember , guys like women with good sense of humor. No, it doesn’t always mean that you need to ‘lower down’ your self value to always get involved in degrading, cheesy, or even sexist humor setting. If you are able to place yourself elegantly and gracefully within the company of your men colleagues or friends without lowering your self quality, men will respect you. They will even admire you for being able to place yourself smartly with such good sense of humor. Men like women with good sense of humor and they like being within the company of such women.

Other Possible Ways

There are other possible ways that you can try if you want to grab his attention in such elegant and classy ways:

•             Show the fact that you are single. The absence of engagement or wedding ring should be a noticeable sign, but you can also try wearing cute bracelets with single status on.  You can also drop hints so he knows that you are available.

•             Be his friends. Don’t be afraid to be his friends. Being friends means that you two can get to know each other well. Let him know you and if he likes what he sees, he will surely make the first approach or attempt.

•             Be patient. Don’t rush. This thing needs time and you can’t rush his feelings or try to speed up things.

Have Positive Attitude

Develop positive attitudes. If all those things turn out don’t work out well, then move on. There is nothing wrong with you; in fact, it is his loss if he isn’t interested in you. If he isn’t smitten by you by the time you have done all those efforts and attempts, he simply isn’t into to you. Now you have great idea on how to make him want you, right ?  Get over him and move on; your life is more precious and important. But at least, when you know how do you get a guy to like you, you can have better perspective and ways to deal with your crush.

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