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How To Make A Guy Miss You

December 24th, 2012 No comments

The Secret On How To Make A Guy Miss You

By : Max Kolo

how to make a guy miss you

how to make a guy miss you

You might ever wonder how to make a relationship work by making the man of your dream makes you the center of your attraction and how to make a guy miss you all the time. Have you ever read my post about how to get a guy to want you  ? Well , you want him to call you more or simply text you more and put you in his first thought. This article will discuss about the techniques or methods taken from a great recommendation on how to make him feels that way about you and want you more.

To make a guy obsess about you and miss you all the time requires a delicate quest. For sure you cannot simply tell him, text him, call him and terrorize him in any way you can that you long to see him, and by doing that you naively hope he would call you, text you, and tell you that he wants you more. This way will only make him wonder about what kind a girl he is seeing that would do such a thing. Is she a psychopath, a stalker, or a mad girl? According to the women who successfully have a great date with great men, there are some wiser and smarter ways in dealing with a guy and how to make a guy miss you.

The Stupid Things a Girl often Does

When you, like any other girls in the world, wonder on how you can make the guy you adore want you more, there is this one and only secret to make him longing for you more. Here I recommend great ways that simply mentioned that you need to act like you have choices and are not in need. That is the only magic trick that will make any man after you. On the other hand, when you act like we previously mentioned: text him or contact him all the time and play simple, it simply will drive the man of your dream away from you.

The Concept

I will give you an easier way to grasp this concept. If you want to have a brilliant end with a guy of your dream, and who is apparently attracted to you for sure, you need to change your habit in being a stalker, a girl who are always in need or even someone who live a life like a psycho. Play with his emotion to make him feel that he wants you like he never wants somebody else; makes him want to extremely have to have you. This can only be attained when you leave him at time when he falls head over heels over you.

The Magic Formula

how to make a man love you

how to make a man love you

The challenge in doing this magic formula according the tricks I mention here is that most girls usually unable to do this when they really fall in love and get extremely needy in the course of action. The major key on how to make a guy miss you and want you more do the opposite by simply walk away at the time he wants you the most and makes him think:

  • What did I do wrong?
  • Is there anything that I did that makes her avoid me this way?
  • Did I say something that hurt her and makes her feel uneasy?
  • It is better for me to do something to get her back.
  • I want her! I want her more each time she draws herself away from me!

The Logic behind the Formula

When you do exactly like you have been told, his attraction will level up and you will find him ended with various ways and efforts to try to impress you in any way he can to win your appreciation or acceptance. This is also a unique way to measure the exact depth of how much he wants you? It is plain to see that the best indicator on how you really need someone is when that someone is not around. Pretty logic, isn’t it?

Be Indifferent to make Him Want You More

These great tips will tell you how a man will subconsciously want a woman less right after he understands that he possesses you or simply thinks that he really owns you. It is then important to acknowledge that like any man from the very male species, the guy you fall in love with, wants what he is unable to have and will do at his very best to attain the things which is uneasy to fight for. For men, there is nothing more challenging and sexier other than having a woman who have a total control of herself. To check on this hypothesis, you simply pay more attention to a guy and what he will do when you simply ignorance or being indifference. See how he will run after you in any way he can simply to win you over and will not leave you on your own.

Things to Keep in Mind

As mentioned previously, keeping your distance and create a space over some guy, as you would expect, will makes him wants you more. The major rules that you need to keep in mind are:

  • Simply stop chasing away the man you want. He will simply walk away. Simply be patient in playing your rules of an independent woman and let him approach you instead.
  • Be comfortable in simply being you. Acting like you do not care about impressing her opposite sex to simply looking for his approval or admiration.
  • Be indifferent! Never use an easy way to give pleasure to him guy to get his approval or admiration. This way you will make him work his ass off to win your admiration.

All in all, the above steps are simply methods that need your hard work to attain your goals. When we discuss about the efforts to make a man miss you, you have seen that we are not just discussing about things that are related to the behaviors that he probably react to. The magic formula on how to make a guy miss you include a deeper mental attitude that makes him feel as if he understands the course of actions of a lady who has an open mind, sincere, and have control over herself.


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