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What To Get A Guy For Christmas

October 14th, 2012 No comments

What To Get A Guy For Christmas: The Perfect Options

By : Max Kolo

what to get a guy for christmas

what to get a guy for christmas

Sometimes it is a bit tricky when thinking of what to get a guy for Christmas. Guys also like getting presents, as long as they get the ones they like. There are few special moments you can consider also, like new year’s Eve, Valentine’s day,  or for sure his birthday!  That is why you should also read my article about  what to get a guy for his birthday. Unlike women, guys aren’t really thrilled with all kinds of gifts. If you really want to give them something during a special occasion like Christmas, but you have no clues of what items should be given, don’t worry. There are lots of options that you can pick.

The Gifts for the Special Ones

Men like to get something that is functional and handy for them. It would be useless to give them something that they don’t really need. So be sure that you have made intensive research about it. If your guy is the geeky types, tune in to what kind of items they have been interested in. Does he want the new cell phone? Does he want the new tablet? Listen to his conversations with his friends and make mental notes about it. If your guy is the gamers type, find out what kind of gaming consoles or video games that he wants to have. If you are able to give what he’s been dreaming of, his gratitude over you will never end. If your guy is the sports fan type, be sure to find out what he wants. Does he want the next season’s ticket? Is he finding new items for his collection? Is he interested in the new baseball bat? Does he want to subscribe to the new sport network? If your guy is very creative with his hands, giving new and complete sets of a toolbox may be the perfect gift he ever wants. Find out whether he likes tuning up his car or making new stuffs like cabinetry or wooden objects. Sure, the good tool box can cost quite a lot, but if you are okay with it, it should be a perfect present for him.

The Basic and “Safe” Gifts

If you are on tight budgets, and you don’t really know what to give to him, don’t worry; there are still plenty other items that you can give to him, especially since those items will be quite handy in his daily life.

  • Money clips and wallet. These items may seem simple and unimportant, but they are very practical and functional in daily lives. All men would appreciate good wallet with good money clips.
  • Cologne. All men like to smell nicely, although not to sweetly. They will appreciate good and nice smelling cologne. Be sure to do research of what types of cologne he likes before you buy one.
  • Concert or sport tickets. If your guy likes sports or music concert, giving him a ticket will really make his day.

Well, this is one of the nice ways on  how to make a guy like you , right ?  Of course, you can ask him directly what he wants if you aren’t trying to give a surprising gift for him. Take him on a shopping spree to really determine what he likes. However, if you want to give him a surprise gift, now you get the basic ideas of what to get a guy for Christmas.

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