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What To Get A Guy For His Birthday

September 13th, 2012 No comments

What To Get A Guy For His Birthday: Considerations And Planning

By : Max Kolo

what to get a guy for his birthday

what to get a guy for his birthday

If a guy in a girl’s life is having a birthday, she is probably thinking what to get a guy for his birthday? When it comes to how to get a guy to want you, finding the perfect birthday gifts is a must,  and it shouldn’t be too difficult. However, the girl is probably trying to avoid giving too simple or too cheesy stuffs. She is also probably wondering what is considered as a safe gift. There are lots of considerations and planning of what to buy a man for his birthday. For example, giving a birthday day for a guy friend is certainly different from giving a gift for a special guy or a guy whom she loves. That’s why such planning should be done carefully.

Giving a Gift for Guy Friends

Giving gifts for guy friends are basically just the same as giving gifts for girl friends. She can find out what he likes for that moment. For instance, if he’s into music, she can buy him a guitar case or music CDs. If he likes sports, she can buy him a jersey or kettlebells. It’s not overly difficult to find things to get a guy for his birthday, especially if it’s for a friend. She doesn’t have to make the gifts on her own; buying such stuffs can be easily done as the general stuffs are mostly available in stores. Here are the general stuffs that she can buy:

  • Gadgets, such as mp3, external hard-drive, or camera
  • Shirts
  • Smoking astray
  • Music CD
  • Sports accessories
  • Shoes or jackets

Giving a Gift for Someone Special

If she wants to give something for a guy who is close to her, but hasn’t said the ‘love’ word, she needs to be careful not to put pressure or scare the guy. If she gives him a simple mug with the saying ‘I love you’, it would probably scare him off. Pick something neutral but somehow special. Customized items are possible. For example, if she knows that he likes music, she can compile his favorite songs into a CD. That way, he will feel special. Alternatively, if she knows that he likes coffee so much, she can consider about buying him a coffee maker or even making him a coffee maker throw in order to protect the machine. It would impress him a lot. All in all, when she is thinking about what to get a guy for his birthday, keep everything simple yet special in a sweet way without putting too much pressure. Avoid using the ‘love’ stuffs as he may be running away scared.

Giving a Gift for the Loved One

If she wants to give something for the guy, she loves and the relationship is official, what to get your boyfriend for his birthday is basically easy. A romantic dinner together can be a great birthday gift. A chance to travel together or spend the weekend together in a spa or hotels would be nice. Of course, she can give him the things he likes, like the stuffs that he has been dreaming off. All in all, what to get a guy for his birthday shouldn’t be too difficult if she knows what to do.

Well, are you getting close to a handsome guy nowadays?  Now you have a great idea on how to make him want you, right ?!

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