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How To Make A Boy Like You

May 16th, 2012 No comments

Simple Way Of How To Make A Boy Like You

By : Max Kolo

how to make a boy like you

how to make a boy like you

Girl always wants to look perfect. Girls need to take care of their appearance. They need to care for their hair, skin, and fashion. If you are single, you can start to attract other boys and make all of them love with you. How to make a boy like you? It is not a simple way, but it is simpler than making a girl loves boy. Boy usually will think first about physical appearance. It is better for you to care or physical appearance. You can go to beauty center to improve your appearance. You need to look pretty in front of all boys. Boys will feel so confident when they can have a pretty girlfriend.

Or furthermore,  you may have in your mind:   how to get a guy to kiss you?  You may have this question when you have this crush on a particular guy for quite a long-time  – maybe since kindergarten or elementary school – but you always keep it a secret and don’t know how to act. Well, if you want to make it happen, the last thing you have to do is just keep silent and wait for him to act. You have to make him act; otherwise, you may never know that you exist.

How to Make a Boy Like You: Simple Steps

It’s not that hard to make a boy notice you, as long as you play it cool and don’t overdo or exaggerate anything. Here’re several things you can do when it comes to how to make him want you:

  • Make him realize that you exist. Don’t be a rat lab. Socialize. Go out and mingle. It doesn’t mean that you have to go to every party thrown, but if you keep hiding in the corner, no one will realize that you exist.
  • Be confident about yourself. Nothing sexier than a girl who knows about herself and knows her ability.
  • Be yourself. Don’t try pretending to be cool. Let everything happen naturally and smoothly. Everything that comes from yourself naturally will definitely look cool in the eyes of others. It includes the way you talk or dress, or how you carry yourself.
  • Smile, but don’t push it too hard. Sincere and sweet smile are known to melt hearts.
  • Be mysterious. If you meet him in social events, don’t try to get close to him – at least don’t show it. Be cool and let him come to you.

How to Make a Boy Like You : Let it happen!

It’s not that hard to make a boy interested in you, right? The key is to keep it low and let everything happen. If he’s still not interested after you’re doing the steps in how to make a boy like you, it’s either he’s blind or an idiot.

You can attract your boy with your brain. Boy usually will love a smart girl. When they have a relationship with smart girl, they can talk about all things, and girl can be the best friend to discuss about all things. You must want to read about all things so when your boy asks you, you know how to answer all his questions, or at least you know about the topic of discussion. When you want to make a boy love you, you need to make him comfortable when he is with you. When he is comfortable with you, you can do all things, and he can do all things too.

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