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How To Get A Guy To Kiss You

April 24th, 2012 No comments

Get The Tricks On How To Get A Guy To Kiss You

By : Max Kolo

Okay, you are in a relationship with a man and after some time he still doesn’t kiss you and you are wondering are there something wrong or is there something that you need to know on how to get a guy to kiss you?  However, before that, make sure you have got nice idea on how to make him like you ! Here is something that you need to learn about. If you are so sure that you have romantic relationship with this guy then maybe you should pay attention on your body language. Closing the distance between the two of you can be really helpful and you need to break the physical barrier around him by simple touch on his hand can be some way to tell him that you are okay with him.

Still not working? There are still few ideas that you can use on how to get a guy to kiss you. Sometimes the man was too nervous to kiss you, afraid that you will reject him. Give him some hints that you can play along your date such as looking at his lips while you guys are talking and lick your lips. Usually men can get this hint and kiss you just like what you want.

Okay, none of them working, so what is actually that this man waits? Why don’t you try to speak it with him? Maybe he was too nervous or maybe too shy to do it to you. When you already talk about it and if he seem don’t mind with the idea so speak it plainly that you want him to kiss you. And the last thing that you need to learn on how to get a guy to kiss you is do this by yourself.  If the man was too hesitating to kiss you, you can take the initiative and kiss him first, it can work with some men who usually to shy or when you are his first date ever.

Now, after mastering the tricks on how to make him want you, now it is your time to pratice another great trick on your relationship with your beloved one !

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How To Understand Men

April 9th, 2012 No comments

How To Understand Men And Learn To Know What They Want

By : Max Kolo

Man and woman are two different creation that were meant to be for each other. The difference is not just limited in physical form but also in other area such as the way they think. It was really important to learn about other people way to communicate so they can get to know and understand each other especially for woman who was in a relationship with a man. If you are a woman and always wondering how to understand men, here are some tips that hopefully can be very useful for your life. Most men don’t talk out loud about their problem to other people. Please, don’t take this personally, they was trying to solve it on their own and just don’t’ want to bother other people especially their couple because of their problem.

Remember the basic rules on how to get a guy is that they are not who you are. Don’t expect a man to behave like your girlfriend that will sort out your entire emotional problem together. When a man listens to a woman problem they will come up with some solution right away. Sometimes a woman only want to be listened too, to be understood, to be taking care emotionally and quick solution on every problem they have make them feel not getting attention from the man they care about. Hey, when you think about your close boyfriend and ask yourself on  how to make him want you, be sure  that was how man world works. Any problem that happen needs to be solved right away, and you need to remember that.

Okay, another part on how to understand men is asking them specifically. Men are not very custom with unspoken request. You need to ask them specifically on what you want, what you need and what you feel directly because usually they can’t get the hint that you make. It will be too frustrating for you to hope them understand what is actually you want to say. Hopefully you can get some ideas that can help you to understand men behavior.

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